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Maiya Abueg

I never experienced doing my own Christmas wishlist since I was a little kid. Me and my family doesn’t celebrate the season that much unlike the traditional get togethers with the whole clan and so on..

All we do for Christmas is visit my grandparents, who lived way back North. Novaliches to be exact. We used to go and visit my lolo and lola (father’s side) and stay with them for a couple of days. My aunt and cousin used to lived there too. Receiving gifts, eating Noche Buena and so on
Stay in the house and celebrate together with my favorite lolo in the whole world who lives beside our house then wait for Christmas day and be excited cos he’ll give you the yearly ‘pamasko’ money. Celebrating the simple way

BUT now that I don’t have any grandparent to go to, I don’t have an idea of how we’ll be celebrating the season this year. We transferred to our new home, my lolo died, and too many stuffs happened this year (and I really want to move on and forget) I guess the year isn’t that good to us but I’m sure that we’ll be lucky some other time

This is not another xmas blog post that you expected I guess. I write what I feel and I don’t feel like celebrating that much for this year. But ofcourse I’ll be saying yes to my friend’s invites of celebrating our xmas parties all together.

What would be number 1 in my list? I hope my lolo is happy now and he lives happily in heaven. Wishing that everyone he left can now move on and continue their lives easily and guide them through everything.

Number 2 is to have a simple life with the whole family, good health and happiness. Hoping that me and my siblings will do well in school and have good jobs in the future. Parents will argue less and the thing that our family has been waiting for will push through

Number 3 is all about myself. True friends, good times, a healthy relationship, studies and a job.

The number 4 that tops my list? My own place which I can call mine. I’ve been wanting one for a very long time and it seems that He isn’t ready to give me one yet. Lord please grant my wish! But i’m that young, I can wait!!!

And number 5 would be these material things that I have here in my heart too!
a) trip internationally with my love
b) the h&m shoes and clutch that I really wanted a week ago
c) a small breed of dog
d) more more more clothes and bags
e) new iPod
e) a condo to rent in

Well I guess that would be it for now. I don’t really expect anything since my family is not a fan of giving gifts and such. I would have enough to give myself those hopefully. But i hate it cos there’s so many gorgeous stuffs to buy!!! :s

So what would be in the top 5 of your wishlist this year? I would love to hear it :)


Ask me anything ♥Maiya Abueg

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